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Ready for a challenge in a fast moving environment?
Parkeagle is a high-tech startup from Amsterdam that focusses on building a Smart Parking Solutions to help drivers find a parking space quick and easy by showing them where the available parking spaces are located in the neighborhood. By helping you find a parking space, we help cities become less congested, cleaner and less frustrating for citizens.

Our technology is built on an ecosystem of wireless sensors to detects vehicles (moving and parked vehicles). The cool thing about our tech is that our sensors share their data in real-time through a mesh network. This makes our solution highly scalable, cost-efficient and plug and play to set up. 

We sell our suite of vehicle sensor solutions to large corporations, municipalities and cities. For these clients we optimize parking capacity, counting cars, do temporary measurements, and manage traffic flow. Every month we keep expanding our product line through our continues focus on R&D and innovation.

Parkeagle’s culture

We value flexibility, entrepreneurship and freedom. We are a curious set of hardcore engineers and innovators that have a great passion for hardware, wireless sensor networks, AI, Big-data analytics, serverless architecture and seamless user experience.

We value taking responsibility for your actions and we praise initiative. Our can-do mentality makes us involved in everything we do. We love questioning the status-quo and we love making the impossible, possible. We strive to be a flexible but effective machine of an organization where every team member feels at home. Feeling like your part of the team is what we value most.

Transparency is key when you want to build a strong organization. So let us begin by telling you how our application process works. For us, it’s all about the cultural fit. And above all, we base our applicants on personality. Do you think you have what it takes? Apply now!

The process:

Based on a screening call and several on-site interviews we will explore if there is a match between you and Parkeagle. Good Luck.


Big ambitions
Join us in becoming the dominant force in the B2B IoT solution provider, starting with conquering the parking industry. We strive to be the most customer-centric IoT company in the world.
Fun challenges
At Parkeagle you can make the difference. Your work will be fast-paced, flexible and customer-centric. We do not obsess over our competitors we focus on the customer.
Great environment
Become an expert in your field and have the knowledge to educate your peers. We continuously look for new ways to improve our business, ourselves and challenge the status quo.
Startup journey
Join our mission and vision and become part of a fast-moving growing company, providing you with a unique experience.
Flat organization
This gives you the chance to truly have an impact on our business results and our organization. Let’s work together and achieve the best results.
Create your own future at Parkeagle. We value your development and autonomy. Be an A-player and challenge the status quo with us!

Open positions

We are interested in all levels of experience in the below position ranging from fresh out of college up to captains of industry serving for over 40 years.

If you have an affinity with one of the profiles below, send us a message.

Ready to start?

We are NOT INTERESTED IN RECRUITERS contacting us to plug their developers at this moment in time.


Also, we are NOT INTERESTED IN REMOTE WORKERS at this moment in time.


So do not waste your time and contact us concerning the above-mentioned examples.

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