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Our Technology

Parkeagle provides smart parking and counting sensor systems that allow cities and operators to manage their parking resources more efficiently, allowing cities to better manage the parking challenges of today and tomorrow. Let us introduce smart parking to your city so that you can focus on becoming a true Smart City.

Three reasons why you need Smart Parking Sensors


Become a true Smart City. Smart Parking is the most affordable and effective Smart City usecase with the highest payout for your investment.


Smart Parking is a durable and long-term investment to ensure that you are ready for the increase in population that will come.


Smart Parking is a versatile parking solution. Check out some of the most popular use cases for smart parking in your city here.

Entrance Detection Sensors

A robust Entrance Detection System for your parking lot entrances

Entrance detection is an important part of managing and operating a profitable and user-friendly parking lot. The Parkeagle entrance detection solution monitors traffic flow and counts vehicles with high precision and accuracy. In the end, the parking lot occupancy data can be used to inform drivers about the total vehicle count.

The Benefits
• Fully wireless entrance detection solution
• Real-time information on total occupancy
• Vehicle counting for entrance and exit
• Minimal installation time
• Integrate with your own management systems

Traffic Counting Sensors

A plug and play Vehicle Counting System to measure traffic flow, to count vehicles and analyze the impact on infrastructure changes

The Parkeagle vehicle counting system is the most easy to use on-street counting Solution to monitor traffic flow, survey existing traffic conditions and to measure the impact of infrastructural changes.

The Benefits
• Fully wireless traffic counting solution
• Real-time information on traffic flow and counting
• Vehicle counting up to 12 lanes
• Optimized for short and long counting projects
• Minimal installation time
• Integrate with your own management systems

The ParkSmart App

A powerful app that lets you find a cheap parking spot with ease. Never search for a parking spot again!

ParkSmart shows you where the cheapest available parking space is located. It leaves the stress out of parking so that you can enjoy the things you want to do in life. Save miles and money with the ParkSmart app now!

The Benefits
• Includes on-street and off-street parking
• Real-time information on occupancy
• See accurate tariffs and pricing
• Get notified when you’re close to home
• Available for Android and iOS
• Totally free

The Analytics Management system

An intelligent tool for data processing, number crunching, and collecting insights. 

We believe that cities of the future should be managed on a data-driven basis. The parking data will assist you in making better decisions on maintenance, enforcement, and parking policy. This will make your job easier and lets you focus on the future of your city.

The Benefits
• Web-based platform
• Fully mobile and tablet compatible
• Security by design to ensure maximum data safety
• Get real-time and historical insights into your parking assets
• Forget counting and expensive research
• A seamless user experience for maximum effectiveness

Contact a Smart Parking Consultant

Parkeagle is here to provide you with more information and to answers any question you have about Smart Parking.

We will create an effective solution for your Smart Parking needs.