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Smart Parking at the City of Rotterdam
Helping residents find an available parking space while saving time and fuel

The Parking Problem

The municipality of Rotterdam wanted to provide a solution for the many problems with on-street parking they were facing in Blijdorp-Bergpolder. In essence, they wanted a parking solution that would reduce search time and miles driven. This would reduce greenhouse gasses and car emissions while parking.

The Smart Parking Solution

With the goal in mind to reduce search time, we set out to provide residents of parking sector 72 with an App for iOS and Android. The app opens seamlessly when residents drive into the parking sector to display where the available parking spaces are located. With the app on the dashboard of their car, they can easily find an available parking bay.

Parkeagle won the European Public Tender

Out of three contenders (another Sensor Provider and a Parking Camera Provider), Parkeagle managed to show its unique technical, operational and service minded strength. This resulted in winning the contract to provide a Smart Parking Solution for parking sector 72 in Rotterdam.

Services that were needed to solve the parking problem

The municipality of Rotterdam wanted a full-service Smart Parking solution to meet all their needs:

  • They wanted an app (iOS & Android) with geo-fence and map functionalities to show drivers where to park their car
  • They wanted wireless sensors to measure the real-time parking occupancy per street
  • They wanted a management system to monitor the entire sensor system remote and to analyze real-time parking occupancy per street
  • They wanted an automatic user-generated data report to monitor the adoption of the app
  • They wanted an automated historical parking occupancy data report to do their own analytics
  • And finally, they wanted an API to push real-time parking data to third-party tools and solutions

Solution stack provided by Parkeagle

The ParkeerSlim app

  • We’ve provided a Free iOS and Android App
  • With the use of the app, residents are able to see where they can park their car
  • The app opens semi-automatic when users drive into parking sector 72

Smart Parking Sensor

  • We’ve installed 500 Smart Parking Sensors for parking bay detection
  • The wireless sensors were installed in batches to decrease the impact on available parking occupancy

Analytics management system

  • We’ve provided a Management System to monitor on-street parking occupancy in real-time
  • The management system provides information on the systems uptime, parking occupancy and statistics

App User Analytics Reports

  • We’ve provided an automated user data system that sends out reports on a weekly basis
  • The municipality is able to track user adoption, user retention, and app usage through the automated reports
  • The system is modular is its usage and provides many custom features on request

Historical Parking Data Reports

  • We will provide an automatic historical parking data report on a weekly basis
  • The municipality will be able to analyze historic parking data to gain insights into local occupancy and parking duration and turnover
  • This means they have a constant stream of historic data to work with

API for Third Party Systems

  • We will provide an API to connect with third-party applications
  • The municipality is able to insert real-time parking data into its PRIS systems, management tools, and third-party application
  • All data is openly available to enhance innovation

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